Wizard101 Ramblers

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  • School: STORM
  • Current Location: ZAFARIA
Ian StormStaff is a long time Wizard101 Player (February 2009) who started blogging about Wizard101 in 2011. He owns and blogs for Wizards Unite, an unnoficial Wizard101 site. In 2012 Ian managed to get into Pirate101 beta and is enjoying the new Kingisle creation and enthusiastically running around with sharp pointy objects. When not blogging or gaming Ian writes his in progress book, which he hopes will be published one day. He also blogs about Real world problems on his personal website and keeps up with music and pop culture.


  • School: FIRE
  • Pet: Teen Fierce Hound
  • Current Location: Avalon
Jordan Sunflame started playing Wizard101 in December 2008 and joined the community in 2011. After trying his own blog he moved on to form Ramblers, somehow convincing Ian to take part. The show proved a hit and is now Jordan's focus in the community. Jordan also took part in Pirate101 Beta and hopes to be able to take the live game for a spin when he has the chance. In his free-time Jordan builds computers and watches a great deal of anime.